Laptop Service @ GBS
Laptop Service @ GBS
Laptop Service @ GBS
Laptop Service @ GBS
Laptop Service @ GBS
Laptop Service @ GBS
Laptop Service @ GBS
What brand laptop do you service?

In Laptop Service @ GBS we do Service for all major makes and models of laptops such as Dell, HP, Compaq, Sony, IBM, Toshiba, etc.

What kind of repairs can you perform?
In Laptop Service @ GBS, our professionally trained Laptop technicians have a very good knowledge in all range of laptops, our skilled technicians can able to performing component lever services for all range of laptop motherboards, we are capable to do component level services by checking all electronic components such as transistors, ICs, Connectors, resistors, BGA ICs, & Mosfets, our laptop service technicians can also solve display problems like faint displays, dead displays, white displays and flickering displays. Apart from laptop repair, in Laptop Service @ GBS we also provide services like data recovery, software installations, password removal, virus removal, spy ware removal and OS installation.
What is your turn-around time?
Laptop Service @ GBS offer a fast turn around time on most of our laptop repairs for motherboard chip level service our turn around time will be max 24hrs.
Do you Provide warranty for Laptop Service?
Yes, in Laptop Service @ GBS offers you the best warranty Support depends on the make, model & nature of service we offer minimum 30days to 90 days labour warranty.
Can I take my laptop immediately in case I disapprove the quote?
In case you wish to disapprove our quote, since the laptop would be in open state and expecting work on it, it will take 2 hours work to pack the laptop again.
What methods of payments are acceptable to you?
In Laptop Service @ GBS, We accept all major credit and debit cards including VISA, DELTA and MasterCard. Cash can be paid only if the client collects the repaired laptop from our workshop in person. Cheques are not acceptable unless prior agreement is obtained at the time of booking.
Can you collect my computer from my work place or home?
Yes, In Laptop Service @ GBS we offer you a pickup & drop facility on Monday to Saturday between 10am to 9pm.
What are the typical laptop services you offer?
Laptop Service @ GBS can able to carry out repairs in cases where any of the following situations has occurred

  • Laptop Overheating
  • Laptop Cracked or Broken Laptop LCD Screens
  • Broken USB or Power Connector
  • Laptop No Start Up Activity
  • Laptop Power Supply problems
  • Broken USB or Power Connector
  • Data Recovery & Data Extraction from faulty laptops
  • Virus Removal
  • Software Reloads
  • Laptop Memory upgrades or replacements
  • Laptop hard disk upgrades or replacements
  • Laptop bios Password & windows password Removal
  • Laptop Keyboard replacements
What does "component level repairs" mean?
Component level repairs simply mean transistor, capacitor and IC replacement on a laptop system board. This enables us to reduce the cost of repair by avoiding replacement of major parts such as motherboards, LCD/TFT displays, video boards or onboard power supply units.
I spilled liquid inside my Laptop. Is it possible to repair the damage?
It depends on how much liquid was spilled. If the laptop no longer turns on you may have a defective motherboard because it was shorted out. If the computer can turn on, but the keyboard and/or touchpad or other buttons don't work then the damage may be limited to those components and they can be replaced.

I accidentally dropped or otherwise damaged my Laptop. Now it's having problems. Is it Possible to repair my laptop at your laptop service center?

It may be possible be to repair, but we need to diagnose it and assess the problem(s) involved. Don't use your Laptop if it's damaged as that may make the damage worse.

When I'm watching a video or playing a game my Laptop gets a blue screen or shuts down. What's wrong with it?

Often times this is a sign of a bad video card or memory module. It may also have dust inside the Laptop or a faulty fan. If you can't replace the parts or clean it up safely, contact us and we can help.
My computer is running slow. Is it infected with viruses and/or spyware?
Yes. This can also happen if your system is overheating or you have a lot of (unnecessary) programs running at once. Other times you may simply need more memory to meet your usage requirements. Please call us at 044-2454 5151 so we may help you assess the situation.
Does Laptop Service @ GBS perform contractual high availability business Laptop services?
Yes, with corporate clients we have on-site and emergency support availability on a contractual basis. Please call 9841636362 to speak with a corporate sales representative.

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